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How to earn money in India as a student in 2022

As students of this age, we spend more than our parents. It’s not even about how expensive things are these days. Consider our internet costs or recurring expenses. That is why making money online in India becomes a necessity. The majority of students outside India work while studying. Pay off student loans or manage day-to-day expenses.

As a student, it is my dream to earn money in parallel with my studies. And sometimes this dream remains a dream for many reasons, be it investment, earning potential or the possibility of doing well in India. Yes, even more so at university. Students usually consider whether they can manage their studies and part-time jobs together. But let me tell you, you can! Time management is a doable and solvable problem. So if you find a job that interests you, that doesn’t take up your time and doesn’t require investment, take it!

This article will show you some ways to make money online in India. The methods described in this article require little or no investment. Therefore, it is easy for any student to follow whether they are studying at home or away from home.

1. Blogging

First is blogging , if you want to start blogging you’ll need a domain name and hosting service, So if you’re confused on selecting the domain names , you can use this Fast Domain Search tool absolutely for free and check if your domain name is available.

If the website name is not available , you can try generating some good domain names for free by the domain generator tool 

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And create an amazing blog , where you can post blogs related to your niche and earn money in India online through Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. We will talk about affiliate marketing in some other post.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the trending ways to earn money online in India lately. Many students are earning good income part time from this career option along with their studies.

To become a freelancer , you do not need any investment, Freelancing can be started with zero investment. All you need to do is go to websites like fiverr , upwork or and register yourself as a freelancer and post your gigs for services like graphic designing , thumbnail making or video editing , You can charge anywhere between $5-$50 for these small services and earn from a lot of clients.



These are the two legit ways by which people are earning money in India online as a student with very less investment. There are several other ways too but it will require some more investment that is why I haven’t added them into the list. So hope you understood how to earn money in India online as a student in 2022. I wish you all the very best.

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