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How to do start a FREE Drop Servicing business in USA 2023

how to start drop servicing business in usa 2023

What is Drop Servicing ?

Drop servicing is the latest business term given in similarities with Drop shipping, the only difference is that here you don’t need to deal with any physical product. Drop Servicing is the process of giving a desired service to a client from a professional while you act as a middleman and keep a portion of the deal as your commission which is your profit.

How to start a Drop Servicing Business for FREE ?

Most of you must be thinking that in drop-shipping we required a Shopify site , so we need it here too. No , anyone can start a drop servicing business without owning a website. Drop servicing can be started for absolutely free of cost. Here’s one of the easiest way to start this business.

How do I find someone for drop service?

1. Go to Freelancer Websites

Websites like Fiverr & have thousands of people looking to buy services from freelancers and they need it quickly , Here you come in to action.

  • Register yourself as a seller , and post gigs related to your niche.
  • Offer attractive and premium services , let’s say you post your gig at $30
  • Client pays you $30 , you look some other seller who’s ready to do it for $10
  • You get to keep , $20 as your commission. This is your sole profit.

2. Look for small businesses around you.

There are so many business outlets around you that need services like graphic designing , website designing which you can easily charge $20-40 for designing & $100-300 for WordPress website designing. Look for designers and developers that can do it for less and deliver it you as soon as possible. Then you deliver it to the client.

This way you can build a good portfolio of clients which will give you recurring business and will help you to generate revenue every month and after a certain point of time you can scale this business and earn exponentially well in upcoming months.

Drop Servicing business ad

Sample Ad for Drop Servicing

How to scale-up a Drop Servicing company ?

To scale your existing drop servicing business built with the free method earlier requires now some kind of investment , which I guess now you can afford to invest in this business to generate even more returns than before.

1. Build your portfolio website

Collect all your work that you’ve delivered to your clients and list all the businesses you’ve worked with and make an amazing portfolio to get even more clients by showcasing it to grab the bigger fish in the sea. To start , you’ll need a website , try this amazing free domain search tool to find your perfect domain at affordable prices to get you started

2. Run Ads on the Internet

Now that you’ve some amazing clients , that you’re working with , generating good revenue. Now its the time to boost things up. Earlier you were running behind people to provide them services and conversion rate was very low. After putting yourself on the internet as a company that has so many clients that are happy , potential clients will run behind you to get their work done from you. Hence , generating you more revenue.

3. Hire People

Now you’ve done extreme hard work to develop this drop servicing business on your own. Now its time to delegate some of the work to your employees. You can hire people to pitch your services to your potential clients and reward them for each client they bring.

You can hire someone who will do graphic designing for you. So if earlier you paid $20 to a designer , now you can get the same results faster for $10 and for every project you get , you deliver your results faster , designer gets paid well , your goodwill also increases. Its a win-win for everyone around.

4. Provide some complimentary services for FREE

To be in business all you need to do is make your clients happy even it gives you a small jolt in the short run but proves fruitful in the long run.

What I am trying to say is , you provide clients some complimentary services for free , Let’s say you can provide a blog post of 500 words for free to a client who is getting services from you for the last 3 months.

Or what you can do is , give a certain worth of service absolutely free to a client who is sticking with you from a very long time. This freebie strategy has worked many times and will work for you too.

Importance of Testimonies & Reviews in an online business

Feedbacks are one of the most important aspect of any business be it online or offline. Talking about the online industry , testimonies and reviews are very important. As all the customers cannot have a conversation with you in-person so they rely on customer reviews for better understand of your business and work ethic. Reviews can make or break a brand. So you have to serve each client with utmost respect and sincerity.

After rendering services to your client , ask them to provide their feedbacks , suggestions and reviews about your business. As , Social proof works best these days , so your client’s review will surely boost and generate more and more business for you.

This way you can scale your journey in earning money online either you are a student or a working professional , drop servicing is for all.

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